€1.50 (tax incl.)
It is ideal for hanging our terrariums or hanging rings.
€2.00 (tax incl.)
This product is designed and manufactured by us. It is made of sustainable pine wood and laser cut.
€3.00 (tax incl.)
The pack of BOREEN stones are ideal for decorating any glass terrarium.NOTE:Remember that all our terrariums offer the complement of stones. Try not to add it in duplicate.
€3.00 (tax incl.)
It is ideal to have it next to the BOREEN seedling and not forget to water it.
€3.00 (tax incl.)
Lichen moss BOREEN is ideal for decorating any of our glass terrariums. Therefore, each serving is enough to decorate a terrarium. NOTE:Remember that all our terrariums offer the complement of moss. Try not to add it...
€14.00 (tax incl.)
With this fertilizer you can hydrate your air plant for more than a year. This nutrient solution has been created exclusively to feed Air Plants (Tillandsias). The trace elements, which are mainly in the form of...
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Accessories to take care of your tillandsias

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