Diseños de pared hechos con tillandsias en Boreen

Decorate the office with tillandsias

Renew the office air


Renew or ... Renewed. It's like that. From time to time we want to change things in place and give a new air to the spaces. Decorative plants such as tillandsias are perfect to decorate the office since they hardly need care, with spraying them they have the necessary food to survive and, in addition, tillandsias or air carnations do not need soil to grow, so they have become one of the most sought-after office plants.

When we talk about renewing, we do so in the broadest sense of the word. Not only to renew what is seen, but also what is present and we do not see, the air. That's why we asked, Do you want to renew the atmosphere in the office? Well, use office plants such as  tillandsias to decorate and you will give the office a natural, modern touch as well as a natural purifier to your office. 


Gifts for workers


Undoubtedly, workers are the engine of any business. Having them happy means a better work environment and a more collaborative team. A gift like these air plants will let them know how much they are appreciated in the company and they will come happier to the office, for sure. There has never been talk of a disgruntled worker when receiving a sign of recognition from his company. This recognition translates into greater commitment on the part of the workers who will feel more valued. And that has never hurt any business either.


So if you want your workers to know how much you appreciate them, feel valued and have a better work environment, an office plant is your best option. You can choose from a wide variety of supports and air plants available in our catalog. We also offer a personalized engraving service so you can add your stamp to our supports. Get in touch with us and we will help you find the option that best suits your needs.


Together we will turn your office into the most productive space.



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Decora la oficina con tillandsias

Interior decoration with air plants


Tillandsias are plants linked to pure air, harmony and Feng Shui. There are even studies that support the increase in productivity and concentration by more than 15% in those workplaces in which there are decorative plants.  


As we tell you, not everything is seen, but it is present and influences us. Having a purer air, a more welcoming atmosphere will make the office a place where everyone feels comfortable. At BOREEN we design and manufacture special supports for air plants, so that they fit with any decorative style thanks to the combination of materials, sizes, colors and shapes adapting perfectly with office environments.  If you are looking to renovate the meeting rooms, reception, office, office or any other space in which you receive clients on a regular basis, contact us and we will help you design the space you need.


The service we offer consists of personalized and free advice, to know what type of support could best fit with the decoration of the space in question. We also offer the possibility of customizing the supports of the plants with the logo of your brand or with the design you want.


Together we will turn your office into the most modern space.



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