Decoración establecimientos

Tillandsias to decorate establishments

The best natural decoration with tillandsias

Do you want to renew the decoration of your showroom? Are you going to open a business? !! Congratulations!! It's an exciting time when you have to make a lot of important decisions. One of them is the decoration that you are going to use in your establishment. It's not worth anything. If you thought so, change your mind. The brain processes in thousandths of a second the images it sees and that is the time you have to give a good first impression to all the customers you want to visit you. That's why you need a beautiful and natural decoration.

Tillandsias are perfect for decorating establishments: They are surprising, do not dirty and hardly need maintenance.

Decoration is a fundamental piece for customers. Show the style of the business before even dropping the first word. That is why it is very important that what you project connects with all those people you want to visit you. At BOREEN we create our designs in the broadest sense of the word. We take care of the design, manufacturing, and even customization, inserting corporate logos if you need it, on all our table or wall supports. You can choose the products that you like the most from our wide catalog, combine them with a wide variety of air plants and sizes.

Sustainable media with FSC and PEFC certification

All wooden supports are manufactured by hand, on request and with a fundamental standard: maintain sustainability in all elements. That's why we use FSC and PEFC sustainable certified wood. These certifications are obtained thanks to an evaluation process to which a forest area is voluntarily submitted and is carried out by an independent third party, to verify that the products purchased, such as wood and paper, come from a sustainably managed forest.

This forest certification is very important to us as it is a way to contribute to the sustainability of the planet's forests.

Together we will turn that place into a wonderful place.


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