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Rent tillandsias to decorate events


 Renting tillandsias you will stand out with your decoration


When an important date arrives, it must be celebrated. And in any event the decoration is one of the most important points to take into account so that that day is perfect. Whether it's for your wedding day, for a family celebration, a birthday, a communion, a baptism or an anniversary.


Wouldn't you like to leave everyone dazzled by using tillandsias at your most prominent events?


Decorating a space with air plants, whether it is in an indoor or outdoor space, is the easiest and most practical, since they are plants that live without land, serve anywhere and work great as natural centerpieces. The decorative possibilities offered by air plants are endless.


How do I rent tillandias to decorate my event?


If you are going to have an important event and you are thinking about the decoration, we are going to help you in a very simple way. You just have to contact us by phone or by mail to be able to prepare your order and you will receive it at the address you indicate on the established date. This  Tillandsias rental has a minimum duration of 1 day and a maximum of 15 consecutive days.


Orders must be placed at least 7 and 15 days before the date in question as it is necessary to manage the stock. For all rentals that include supports it is necessary to verify the stock as long as possible since as we are manufacturers in the event that it is necessary we would get down to work with the manufacture. 

For urgent orders please contact us by phone or in our email:



+34 627468892


What do I do with the tillandias once the event is over?


We are aware that when the event has ended the doubt arises, what happens now with the tillandsias? You don't have to worry. Both delivery and collection is part of our service, so you won't have to take care of anything. Your tillandsias will arrive with their supports and all the decorative  elements of the order well packed and protected through a GLS service.  You can enjoy your seedlings for as long as you need them and once the event is over, we will pick them up. It's that simple. You just have to pack it as you have received it so that there is no problem with transportation.

Rental price air plants


Together we make the order with all the tillandsias you need, as well as supports, terrariums, moss, shells and a wide range of decorative elements that accompany the seedlings. Once the order has been finalized, the total payment of the amount of the budget will be requested, in addition to an amount as a deposit that will be returned by BOREEN once we have received and verified the state of the plants, supports and other elements that make up the order at the end of the rental.


The cost of the rental var depending on the days you need the tillandsias. The more days you rent them, the cheaper the daily price will be. The rental price will be a percentage between 30% and 50% of the purchase price, so you can get tillandsias to rent for up to half the normal purchase price.


At the end of the rental period, BOREEN will review the state of the plants after the rental and return the total payment of the reservation and the deposit, discounting the amount of the rental service of the plants.


No shipment will be made without prior payment.



+34 627468892





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