Helena y Kevin BOREEN

The BOREEN project is born from the inspiration provided by the air plants tillandsias and our knowledge in industrial design

We founded the Project BOREEN SHOP there is by 2018 when we were studying the last year of industrial design. The training we were acquiring as product designers helped us to have creative and original ideas about the product, its characteristics and the needs it could cover for those who enjoyed it. It was then that we discovered these incredible but unknown plants, the air plants tillandsias.

We were inspired to make our first sketches and soon after we were already creating designs. We set out to make them decoration products, self-made and sustainable.

We pursued a philosophy: to create unitary works, made by and for people, and in which we could take advantage of the uniqueness of the air plants in each of the products we created. We believe that the fact of manufacturing products in a totally handmade way is the only way to transmit the feeling and affection of those who create it to those who enjoy it.

And to that end, BOREEN SHOP

In BOREEN we collaborate with local companies, who manufacture and distribute their products here and who share our values of manufacturing and sustainable development. We also collaborate with a non-profit organization, One Tree Planted, which is dedicated to reforesting different areas of the planet and for each wooden support we sell we make a donation so that they can continue with their work of repopulation.



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