Triangular vertical garden

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2 - 5 business days.
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2 - 5 business days.
Which air plant do you want?

Quantity 1
2 - 5 business days.
What shade of wood do you want?

Product measurements: Ø 50 cm

  • The product includes only 8 plants of our choice.
    If you wish, you can specify the varieties of plants you want in "Order Notes".
On the other hand, if you want to add more plants you can do it from the following link:

Important note:

The delivery time of this product is approximately 15 business days.

Keep in mind that all our products are made 100% by hand and that each one is different from the others.

All the wooden pieces have been varnished. In this way we protect the wood from moisture. This product can be both indoors and outdoors.

You will receive a plant very similar but not identical to the one in the photograph. Think that depending on the season, its leaves will have a different tone. They are not always in flowering season, it depends on the season. It may be that the specimen is in the phase of making children.

To learn more about these plants, stop by our section on their Care.

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