7 reasons why having an air plant BOREEN

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When decorating a space either in your home or in the office, it is very important to decorate it to achieve warmth, freshness and comfort. The tillandsias decorate and also provide a lot of drinks. That's why we are going to talk about the 7 reasons why you should have an air plant in your house.

Do you know why tillandsias transmit well-being to us?

During the evolutionary process of the human species we have lived surrounded by lush vegetation, so in our mind the relationship of green and pink colors was innate, such as those of the air plants tillandsias and connect with our most primitive being and with the environments that transmit security, warmth and well-being protected in nature. This is why having plants from the air at home or in the office is like opening the doors to tranquility and inner peace. 

In addition, air plants also help you in your work. According to a curious study led by Professor Marlon Nieuwenhuis, from the School of Psychology at Cardiff University (United Kingdom) it is shown that the mere fact of having a plant on your work table increases your productivity and concentration by more than 15%. The results of this study are published in the latest issue of the Journal of Experimental Psychology.

7 razones por las que tener una planta de aire

The best indoor plants for office

Many of our aerial seedlings do not require large spaces, much less direct exposure to the sun, so the desk or computer table can be the ideal place for tilladsias.

We have always related
desktop plants with small cacti for their reduced maintenance, but the truth is that air plants are imposed on them thanks to the fact that they are equal to or even easier to care for than cacti. It is not surprising, therefore, that they are designer plants that are becoming fashionable day after day. 

Unlike most plants, tillandsias or also called aerial plants, living suspended in the air do not need land to live, that is why they are characterized as
plants that do not dirty. In fact, if you put an air plant on the ground it can rot because of excess moisture. 

Has it never happened to you that after forgetting several days of watering your plants, the earth has dried up completely and when watered again, all the water has spread over the desk? With the air plants this does not happen, there is no risk of staining the desk since instead of watering you just have to spray them. 

Aerial plants are perennial so, at most, some leaf is dried from the bottom of the plant. If this happens, you can either prune them or leave them attached to the plant. This detail is purely aesthetic so we could say that, in addition to not getting dirty, they are plants that do not have to be pruned.

Are they plants that live without soil?

Yes, and that's a very nice benefit. If you've ever been told that no one can live off the air alone, feel cheated. These plants can, which makes them the most resistant and easy to care for all indoor plants. They are equipped with small hairs called trichomes that act like a sponge absorbing moisture and suspended particles in the air. Evolution has endowed them with this ability which allows them to live without land. This fact is very decisive when buying an air plant BOREEN. 

Their easy care makes it possible for them to be used for pedagogical purposes. The importance of teaching your child the responsibility of having a living plant in your charge, having to spray it, teaching them the cycles of flowering and reproduction or the process of photosynthesis.

Looking for plants for beginners?

If you are just starting out in the world of gardening and consider yourself a plant  killer, keep reading because air plants are plants for beginners special for you. We recommend the article how to take care of air plants so you can see how easy they are. One of the added values of our brand is that we have a very close treatment with our current or future customers. On the one hand we communicate through Instagram and on the other Whatsapp where the service is practically immediate 24/7, and from there we solve all the doubts you have. Because of this, we recommend you start your collection with one of our air plants BOREEN. 

On the contrary, if you are an expert in this world, you will be here because you like the way we present the tillandsias with our handmade design supports. It is important that you understand that most of the products BOREEN we manufacture 100% in Spain. Even the vast majority of us do them from scratch ourselves. Our strength is the decorative value of our designs, this is because the founders of the brand BOREEN are industrial product designers. Knowing this you will be aware of the character and values behind the brand.

Buy health: Plants are natural filters

You could say that we sell vegetable vacuum cleaners. These curious plants hide many secrets and one of them is that they are able to filter the air. Plants from the air are able to remove dust that flies inside the home and remove chemicals such as those from cleaning products or acetone. 

In the city we sometimes suffer episodes of pollution, these plants are the solution, they remove carbon dioxide from the air and instead add oxygen in addition to moisture that helps us breathe better and take care of our skin.

It seems that our plants have come out of a fictional movie, they also have the ability to eliminate radiation that cause our electronic devices; thus avoiding problems such as insomnia or depression and in more serious cases cancer.

7 razones por las que tener una planta de aire

Minimalist décor with air plants

We will all agree that the world of indoor plants is chaos, dirt, dirt, transplants, fertilizers, irrigation... These exclusive and exotic plants do not generate any problems, they are clean and minimalist. Ideal to fit into any decorative style thanks to the wide variety of designs, materials, sizes, colors and shapes. That said, you could say that they are cheap design plants. So if you are thinking of putting a seedling in your office, do not surrender to artificial plastic plants without first trying an air plant. You won't regret it.

Ecological and sustainable plants

One of the most representative values of BOREEN is sustainability. Most of our products are made with sustainable wood with FSC seal, our packaging is composed of recycled cardboard, paper and wood wool. We don't use single-use plastics in our products and packaging, so when you buy a product BOREEN you don't harm the planet we all live on.

Has this article been interesting? We'd love to hear from you. Below you can leave us a comment and tell us if you would like us to do more articles like this. It would also help if you could tell us if there are any topics you would like us to talk about in future articles. 

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