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Know the difference between the air plants mesicas and the xéricas

2 Years ago
Let's talk about the origin and difference between medical and xeric air plants to better understand the care they...

The air plants purify our house

3 Years ago
The air you breathe in your home is polluted. Don't you think so? Although invisible, there are many polluting...

Carnation Of The Air: get to know all its incredible properties

3 Years ago
Thanks to its incredible beauty and striking colors, carnation of the air is well known for being an ornamental...

Are air plants toxic to our pets?

4 Years ago
When choosing an air plant to decorate our house, whether indoor or outdoor, it is very important to inform yourself...

How to be 15% more productive at work

4 Years ago
As is well known, plants have infinite benefits. The most important of all is that through photosynthesis they...

The origin of the air plants and curiosities of the tillandsia usneoides

1 4 Years ago
The objective of this article is to be able to give you a brief brushstroke about the origin of the air plants and...



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