Carnation Of The Air: get to know all its incredible properties

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Thanks to its incredible beauty and striking colors, carnation of the air is well known for being an indoor ornamental plant, which grows and develops very well inside homes or greenhouses. It is nourished through its leaves absorbing moisture from the environment or from the rains, which is why it is said to "feed on the air".

Also known by its scientific name Tillandsia, it can be found naturally in the forests of Central and South America, as these are places with warm, but at the same time humid climates, a favorite type of climate of the air carnation to grow. However, it also adapts easily to other climates such as the one that can be found in Spain.

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Do you want to know more about the advantages of having this beautiful plant at home? Read! In the following article we will tell you everything you need to know about its health benefits and its positive properties on the energies of the environments.

Why is it positive to have a carnation of the air plant at home?

The carnation of the air has a very important characteristic at the energy level, which in turn is a great advantage for our home: it purifies the environments where it grows and develops, generating positive energy that attracts harmony and prosperity in that place.

Due to this and its unique beauty, this plant has become an essential element in the decoration of interiors and terraces. When people decide to have plants in their home, they always think about their maintenance and in this case the carnation of the air, also has points in their favor.

Why? It is very simple, the carnation of the air is very easy to care for, so much so that it is considered as a plant for all audiences, where someone with very little knowledge in plants, can have it in their home and enjoy its beauty and its energetic properties. In addition to being easy to care for, the air plant is a very versatile plant, which can be developed in different types of gardens, even in the popular vertical gardens. This type of garden is ideal for her, as it will allow her to grow perfectly, taking the nutrients from the environment.

Believe it or not, carnation of the air can also grow on rocks or a pile of leaves, as it doesn't take the nutrients it needs to grow from its host, if not from the environment around it. Likewise, we can have it at home in glass terrariums, vases and vases, which we have to locate in open or ventilated areas so that it takes the minerals and vitamins it needs from the outside air.


What are the care that must be given to the carnation of the air?

The care that we must apply to the carnation of the air, are very simple but essential so that the plant can grow properly in our house. Among its main care we can highlight:

  • Air carnations should always be in illuminated places: Because it is a tropical plant, the carnation of the air needs to have contact with the sun's rays, but not directly, as it would burn its leaves, but must be located in a space with good natural lighting and warmth.
  • Keep the air carnation away from excessive heat: Temperature is an elemental factor in the growth of carnation of the air. If you live in a place with a temperate and humid climate, your plant will grow in perfect condition both outside and inside your house. However, if you are in a hotter and sunnier place, we recommend that you keep it inside, with good ventilation and lighting, where it is not in contact with direct heat.
  • Humidity is essential for tillandsias: Since this plant feeds on the nutrients of the environment, for it the humidity outside is extremely important, so we must maintain daily watering in the hot months and intermittent watering 2 to 3 days a week in winter. It is essential that they have ventilation while remaining moist. Do not expose it to temperatures below 10 degrees: As we have said, this is a temperate climate plant, so it does not get along very well with excessive cold either. Keep it indoors in winter and prevent cold drafts from constantly reaching you, as it could adversely affect you.

In addition to being an ideal plant to decorate the home and give life to those spaces where the touch of nature makes the difference, air carnations can be used to treat different types of health conditions. Did you know?

It is said that among its main applications we can find:

  • It is an excellent antispasmodic, so it can be used in abdominal, menstrual and colic ailments of different origins.
  • It has diuretic properties, so it helps control high blood pressure and reduce edema caused by the accumulation of fluid in the body. Because it exerts relaxing action on the digestive system, it also helps to improve constipation problems and balance appetite. To enjoy these medicinal properties, it would only be enough to take a cup of infusion prepared with the silver and its leaves. You could also use the extract of its flower, which is marketed in essence and depends on the amount of drops we take, we can perceive its benefits in our body. Taking 3 drops every 8 hours helped us improve our ability to concentrate and retain.
  • On the other hand, 4 drops every 6 hours can serve as a natural calming agent, helping us to reduce anxiety and stress levels, which would facilitate the reconciliation of sleep at night. There are accounts that indicate that the Incas, Aztecs and Mayans used virtually all parts of Tillandsia for food, protection, medicines, fibers and ceremonies. 

As you see the carnation of the air is a plant, which in addition to being beautiful, colorful, easy to care for and perfect to decorate, also has very beneficial properties for our health and for the purification of the environment, which makes it one of the best plants for all types of homes.

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