Maintenance and care

Jardines en Botella: La Magia de la Naturaleza en Miniatura

10 Months ago
Explore the beauty of bottle gardens or terrariums. Learn how to create them and find the best terrariums at BOREEN...

What is the best way to water Tillandsias air plants?

1 Year ago
Hello! Today I'm going to talk to you about one of the most common questions among air plant lovers: What is the best...

How to fertilize an air plant?

2 Years ago
When should an air plant be fertilized? There are many fertilizers that you can find in the market and it is not...

Tillandsias, how big are the air plants?

3 Years ago
What is the size of an air plant? It is a question that we receive often and that is why we want to give you an...

The definitive list of care for air plants

1 3 Years ago
What care do air plants need? As you know, air plants are beautiful and surprising plants that do not have roots so...

Tips for caring for filiform air plants

3 Years ago
The air plants are an exotic variety of plants that grow supported on top of other plants and therefore have no...

Tillandsias: The 5 keys necessary for any beginner to have them at home

3 Years ago
Do you love tillandsias but don't dare to have one because you think they are difficult to care for? Then I have good...

Air Plants roses, how is it possible?

3 Years ago
Fire on our planet symbolizes power and energy, in the genus of aerial plants we have its maximum representative, the...

How to save an aerial plant

1 4 Years ago
These peculiar aerial plants or also called tillandsias are known to have the easiest care of all indoor plants. They...

Tillandsia Xerographica: The Queen of air plants

4 Years ago
Among all the specimens of the family of aerial plants or also called tillandsias, this plant, the tillandsia...

7 reasons why having an air plant BOREEN

4 Years ago
When decorating a space either in your home or in the office, it is very important to decorate it to achieve warmth,...

How to take care of air plants?

4 Years ago
Do you want to know how to take care of air plants? Below we explain the basic tips to make your air plant look...

How do air plants reproduce?

1 4 Years ago
The air plants, like many other plant species, also bloom. After this phase, the reproductive process begins....

What are air plants?

5 Years ago
Surely you wonder what are the air plants and what are their varieties. Well, in this article we are going to solve...



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