The definitive list of care for air plants

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What care do air plants need?  As you know, air plants are beautiful and surprising plants that live without land so they have a surprising and unusual aesthetic. Far from what it may seem, taking care of them and keeping them beautiful and happy is simple, but it is always good to keep in mind a few tips. That is why we have created the definitive list of care of the air plants so that you know what you should do and what you should avoid in the maintenance and care of these wonderful and decorative plants. 


Lista definitiva de cuidados de las plantas de aire



air plants


Let's talk about all the care that will make air plants happy.  We list here some of the things we can do to improve the maintenance and care of our air plants: 


Keep the air plant in a place with good natural lighting

Spray the tillandsia once a day with the water sprayer

Cut the threads that come out as roots in the lower part of the plant

Immerse it once a week for 40 minutes in room temperature water

Place it in the bath so that it hydrates naturally

Fertilize it with liquid fertilizer to help it grow and flower

 Whenever it is wet leave it somewhere with air current so that all the moisture that our air plant does not need can evaporate

Keep them between 18º and 27º of temperature

Regulate irrigation depending on the season of the year 

Pay the air plants every 15 days

 Use specific fertilizers for tillandsias. If it is not possible, use orchid fertilizer diluted to 50%



What you should avoid  to improve the care of air plants


In this article we not only talk about what should be done to keep the air plants in perfect condition, we also want to give you indications about what should be avoided in the care of air plants, since they can cause damage to our curious plants.

  What you should avoid doing:


Place the air plant in areas with little natural light

Place the tillandsia outside in a place with intense direct sunlight

Use cold water to bathe it

Do not drain the water after bathing

Separate the child before it reaches 2/3 of the mother's size

Throw away the seeds that the flower gives us

Locate air plants in places with extreme temperatures (below 8º and above 35º Celsius)

Do not water tillandsia when its leaves begin to twist or roll.

Do not take advantage of rainwater to bathe your tillandsia


Did you like these tips? Do you want to contribute any ideas or suggestions? Leave us your comment below and we will be happy to hear from you. 

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