Tillandsias: The 5 keys necessary for any beginner to have them at home

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Do you love tillandsias but don't dare to have one because you think they are difficult to care for?
Then I have good news for you, with our tips of good practices you will have incredible tillandsias in your home in an easy way. Now know the 5 keys necessary for any beginner to have them at home.

And it is that the tillandsias are beautiful and resistant but good care will make them stand out for their splendor and color in the decoration of your house. That's why I'm going to tell you the 5 keys necessary for any beginner to have beautiful tillandsias at home.

Las 5 claves necesarias para que un principiante cuide tillandsias
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Soak the air plant for 40 minutes

As we always explain, so they are ideal for beginners in the world of gardening. One of the main and basic care of these air plants has to do with irrigation. To do this, it is best to immerse it in a container and let it soak for 40 minutes so that the plant hydrates. After this period shake it a little and let it drain for a while so that the excess water goes away before returning it to its container. If you have the possibility let it Do it once a week will be enough. See how easy it is!

The rain to irrigate the tillandsia

From now on when it starts to rain, you will be happy because the rain will do the work for you!  Trichomes are those "hairs" that turn them into velvety plants and that are vital for air plants since they use them to absorb water. These tiny hairs will do the job by anbsorbing the water and keeping your seedling fresh and healthy.

If the air carnation is outdoors, the rain itself will hydrate and clean the plant, giving it a careful and natural appearance, so you will hardly have to worry about it. If you have it indoors you can take advantage of rainwater to bathe it, since tap water usually contains chemicals necessary and harmless to people but that could generate an excess of salt in the leaves of the plants. 

This salt accumulates in the leaves of the air plants and ends up axfisiarla. The salt accumulated in the leaves should not be confused with trichomes. However, salt are small crusts that accumulate on the leaves, especially at their tips and create small deposits. Easy: Avoid exposure to chemicals and use rainwater whenever you can to water your air carnations. 

Avoid extreme heat and light for happy tillandsia

Do you want a happy tillandsia? Give it indirect light. Many plants are happiest when they don't receive direct sunlight. Too powerful a light is not ideal for the tillandsia to thrive so choose a place where there is natural light but prevent it from affecting you directly. Most tillandsias are epiphytic plants, and in nature they live on trees that often protect them from excess solar radiation. That is why if you want to have a happy tillandsia in your house, the ideal is that you place it close to clarity but without direct focus, how little do these air seedlings ask for! 

Tillandsias_ las 5 claves necesarias para cualquier principiente

Temperature is a factor to consider

Of course temperature is a key factor for air carnations. One of the 5 keys necessary for any beginner to have them at home is to talk about the temperature that air plants should have. Tillandsia does not enjoy the cold. Their origin is tropical and although they acclimatize to room temperature easily they prefer warm temperatures. So if you live in an area where it is quite cold or you are one of those who have their plants outdoors, remember that it will be better inside if temperatures drop. If you want to give maximum comfort to your air seedlings, always keep them between 18º and 32º degrees and they will get beautiful without you having to do anything else.

Allows air circulation

Plants that begin to turn brown in their center suffer from excess moisture. It should not be said that this is bad and we must avoid it, how? The easiest way to achieve this is to shake it a little at the time of watering. The other part that will allow you to have air plants for years is to let them ventilate well after bathing. Most varieties of Tillandsias come from cool, dry areas such as deserts or highlands.

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