The air plants purify our house

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How do air plants purify the air in our house? It is a recurring question that often conditions, its location or even includes when deciding to buy one or another plant. Although it is a silent enemy, air pollution is considered a great environmental risk capable of harming our health. It has been proven that reducing the level of air pollution can reduce deaths related to lung cancer, acute and chronic lung disease, cardiovascular accidents, asthma and many other respiratory conditions. 

Today, new methods and purifiers have been designed of air to counteract pollution. In addition, houseplants have been shown to be a great way to purify the air in our home, creating a healthier environment. 


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Until a few years ago, more than 90% of the population lived in places where WHO air quality guidelines were not respected. The latter figure caused more than 4.2 million premature deaths worldwide.

Due to this, certain actions have been implemented to improve air quality, such as investment in less polluting means of transport, better waste management and energy-efficient housing. 

Do you know how you can have cleaner air at home? In addition to air purifiers, there are some tricks. For example, indoor plants and flowers are excellent air purifiers inside our homes. Read!  

Learn how to purify the air in your home naturally

The air you breathe in your home is polluted. Don't you think so? Although invisible, there are many polluting substances that remain in the atmosphere and air of your home.

It is even said that in enclosed spaces the air can be 2 to 8 times more polluted than the air outside. This has nothing to do with dirt or hygiene, in fact, most particles or toxic agents that dirty the air in your home originate from cleaning products, pesticides, building materials, air fresheners, sprays, beauty products and so on.  

Las plantas de aire purifican nuestra casa

Staying in an environment with air "contaminated" by toxic or dangerous particles in the different household products, can cause diseases in the short, medium and long term. 

Perhaps the mildest condition is allergies and the most serious ones derive from respiratory or lung problems. This last year we have had to be at home for much longer and the best alternative is to create a pleasant, healthy and fresh environment.  

Purify the air! Here are some practical tips to start enjoying a cleaner atmosphere. 

  • Ventilate your home, but choose the most appropriate time

Contrary to what you may think, not all hours of the day are suitable for ventilating the house. First thing in the morning is the best time to "air" a house, especially because at that time there is no great movement of people, no traffic and the number of particles suspended in the air is much lower. 

Do not stop ventilating your home every morning, helping to mobilize the air and remove polluting particles that may be enclosed. Keep in mind that the highest peaks of pollution occur at noon and when night falls.

  • Tillandsias plants: the best natural way to purify the air

In addition to beautifying the environment, air plants (Tillandsias) are able to purify, renovate and keep fresh the spaces within a house, room or office.

As if that were not enough, this type of plant offers a very modern, fresh and ecological interior decoration, ideal for nature lovers. The air plants require very little care, are easy to maintain and long life.  

  • More than a decorative element: Fresh air!

The incredible beauty and colors of flowers and air plants have made more and more people choose them for natural decorations within homes. As if that were not enough, this is a great help to clean the air of the spaces and maintain a cool environment.

The air plants grow and develop to improve air quality, avoid certain health risks and even energetically clean spaces.

The Tillandsia plant is nourished by its leaves with the humidity of the environment, rain or water that we spray them. It is known as an "air plant" because it does not need to be buried in a pot to live. In fact, quite the opposite, they are plants that if we put them on the ground they rot. They need to be surrounded by air and with some ventilation.

Did you know? Other plants capable of cleaning the air of a house are azalea, the cradle of Moses, ivy, cactus and palm trees.  

During its research, NASA stated that: "House plants can purify and renew the air within our home and workplaces and protect us from any side effects related to prevalent toxins, such as formaldehyde, ammonia and benzene as well."

In addition, the ability of natural plants to purify the air was proven and since then, many people use them as air purifiers, taking care of their habitat for healthy growth and prolonging their life span.  

  • Reduces air pollution inside the home

Another study conducted by ACS Journal Environmental Science at Lancaster University in the United Kingdom indicated that flowers, vines, trees, grass and other types of plants, are able to reduce NO2 concentrations by up to 40% while it can reduce polluting particles by up to 60%. 

Undoubtedly, air plants Tillandsia, aloe vera, palm trees and other indoor and outdoor plants, are the perfect purifiers for a healthy environment, eliminating harmful particles from the air, while creating cooler environments and decreasing the incidence of respiratory diseases, allergies, asthma, cough and others. 

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