Meet the handmade: the most popular ecological trend in Spain

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Creative recycling has given way to a new ecological culture and a form of sustainable decoration, which is becoming increasingly famous in Spain: the handmade, the ecological trend of the moment.

Homes that follow the trend of ecological decoration are guided by the principle of "less is more", better known in its English terms "Less is more" attributed to the modern architect Mies Van der Rohe. It values par excellence the practical utility of decorative elements to create a functional environment that protects planet earth. 

Handmade: la tendencia ecológica

It is no secret to anyone that the industrial system in Spain is increasingly polluting, and in order to lower its costs, companies carry out harmful manufacturing processes that harm natural resources. Handmade and ecological decoration have become popular precisely to combat the latter circumstance. The different elements and products manufactured by hand make use of ecofriendly processes, which respect the environment, as well as natural and / or waste materials. 

A good example? The decorative supports of BOREEN, which are manufactured with materials such as white cement, gray concrete and sustainable wood with FSC and PEFC certificate.

Handmade: la tendencia ecológica

Redesign your home with eco-friendly décor and handmade

Have you ever wondered how to have an ecological decoration at home? Contrary to what you may think, this decorative style is easy to achieve with just a few elements, colors and shapes. The handmade for ecological decoration must be based on nature: natural wood, branches, seeds and plants, as well as other elements combined with recycling materials.

In Spain, ecological decoration and handmade elements have a low budget, but with an authentic style and exclusive quality, making the most of the distribution of spaces and natural beauties. 

Our catalog of handmade products are ideal to create a pleasant and sustainable environment, complementing the spaces for an ecological and innovative decoration.

The best allies of an ecological decoration in a home are natural resources, plants and recycling material. Psychologically, these factors generate a feeling of good coexistence and peace, thanks to the organic space and its freshness.  If it comes to colors, the handmade for ecological decorations is always guided to blue, white, lavender colors, gold, reds and, of course, the colors that resemble the earth and plants.

The impact of the environment with handmade and ecological decoration

At present, the handmade concept has become a philosophy of life and is that more and more people join the collective thought of caring for the environment and minimizing the impact of various human activities.  Undoubtedly, the production and manufacture of environmentally friendly products help us to acquire sustainable customs with the correct care for planet earth. 

In many cases, recycling materials are also part of what an ecological decoration is capable of creating: every waste object can have a second chance at life. 
Creativity with handmade has no limits and our ecological decoration products are an example of this. In a wide margin, during the manufacture of our supports, we leave aside the chemicals for the creation or customization of the products. 

Natural materials and the correct use of techniques are our best allies to offer handmade products, friendly to the environment and, in addition, offer the necessary care for the fascinating air plants.

The art of the handmade: creativity of ecological designs

Although the idea of the handmade is not new, in BOREEN we work on a concept beyond: a creative design of supports for air plants. Rather than preserving and complementing environments, this work is based on the care of these plant species.

We use our knowledge in 3D modeling and modern 3D printing technology with PLA plant filaments that come 100% from corn to create new creative designs, and thus, extend our catalog. The use of sustainable materials minimizes the impact on the environment and provides added value: an exclusive, quality product handmade by artisans who love what they do.

The vision of this project is to get people from all over Spain to decorate their spaces with air plants and a unique support made by hand by the specialized team of BOREEN. A great quality of handmade art is that the products are limited edition, bringing exclusivity and a new style to your living room, dining room, office, room and other spaces.

The growth of our brand and sustainable products include new manufacturing materials, such as natural marble soon. In addition, we have the help of people who work with these materials in a professional way.

Undoubtedly, thanks to our qualified work team, the products BOREEN have an unparalleled quality, since each element is manufactured by a professional. The handmade is the best reference of a productive, competent and environmentally friendly activity, which at the same time allows us to evolve our consciousness with respect to the care of nature and its resources. Our supports can remain both inside and outside homes and offices, as their manufacturing materials are sturdy and can be maintained without much effort.

The air plants are our leading living being, provide health benefits and, in addition, facilitate a new and innovative ecological decoration in Spain.

Are you worried about space? Eco-friendly décor and sustainable supports adapt perfectly to both small and large spaces, so it is not important if you live in an apartment or a house. 

In BOREEN we offer a new concept of handmade, which brings nature to your home and without having to move.

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