Top 5 ecological and meaningful gifts to celebrate your holidays

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A gift is a way to give a different touch to your parties and to thank your guests for their presence with you on an important day of celebration. Whether it is a wedding, a baptism or a business event, having a gift with those present is a symbol of gratitude on your part. The gift you give them that great day should represent you and that is why we have created the top 5 ecological and significant gifts for an event with an ecological character.


Top de regalos ecológicos


The way of valuing gifts in these massive events, whether business or private, has changed a lot in a short time. Before, when ecological gifts were made, guests did not appreciate "the implicit message" that was included in the gift. Issues such as design with natural, ecological or reusable materials were not valued. There just wasn't much interest in these details. The gift was received and valued for its functionality.


Now this circumstance has completely changed. The guests look at all the details. It is common for these types of events to have small brushstrokes that reflect the way of being of the hosts. In a wedding, for example, the bride and groom personalize the wedding dance, dinners are made in gardens instead of indoor rooms and it is common for there to be small tables in different corners offering jelly beans or sushi. 


If you are one of those who want to give that simple, natural and personal touch to your event, you will love these 5 ecological and significant gifts to celebrate your parties. Your guests will be delighted!


Join the trend: Original and ecological gifts for your celebrations


Without calling it a fashion or decoration trend, but rather a call to social and environmental awareness, today's environmental movement has awakened the collective consciousness regarding the environmental damage that the planet is suffering.


To us it seems something really wonderful. A social awareness that is spreading and that encourages us to continue growing in a sustainable way, to improve manufacturing processes to reduce the pollution that is generated and to encourage the purchase of reusable, biodegradable or waste-made products. Great Spanish decoration brands that have won international awards, have achieved this thanks to new products made with this type of materials. 


All this awareness has led us to change consumption habits and even to modify certain aspects of our lifestyle so as not to continue damaging the planet. The simplicity and beauty of nature already lead the decoration of the most fashionable places throughout the world, celebrities no longer want to use cosmetics that are not 100% natural. 

It's time to join the ecological trend.


Top 5 de regalos ecológicos y significativos para dar en tus fiestas


Why choose eco-friendly gifts for your holidays?


Ecological gifts are increasingly present in the family and business events that happen every day. Thanks to the creative designs and the desire to offer new products, more and more of us are creating original and surprising products using woods that come from forests with sustainable logging or artisanal manufacturing. Even with customization. Adding to a gift to give a phrase, an icon or a specific date makes it a personal and original detail.


  • Taking care of the environment is the main reason behind the development of organic products, which we can adapt as useful gifts for the guests of our party and let them know that beyond conventional items, there is also a wide market that tries to reduce the great impact that for years has had the pollution produced by various companies. Not only are we showing them our gratitude for having attended the party, but we will also be sowing awareness and positively instructing about the wide impact that products made with plastic have had and continue to have, for example, in the pollution of marine ecosystems, as well as aerosol products, in the degradation of the ozone layer.
  • One of the main reasons for choosing ecological gifts is because we want to contribute our grain of sand in the conservation of planet earth and we also want other people to also join this cause, which should be everyone's responsibility. There are many people who want to collaborate with the environment, but many  times they do not know how and where to start, giving for example: an ecological hygiene product, we will be giving them an idea of what they should get in the market and from that moment the person will begin to investigate and know much more about that type of eco-friendly cosmetics.


  • Another great advantage of handmade ecological gifts is that they can be personalized. When you buy this type of gift you always have the option of personalizing it with a name or with a special message for the person, since most of them are handmade items, where every detail is taken care of.

 Tops 5 de regalos ecológicos y significativos para dar en tus fiestas


Top of the best ecological gifts:


Within the wide range of products that you can find on our website we have selected a series of eco-friendly products that triumph as an ecological gift in the most beautiful and detailed celebrations. 


  1. Sustainable wooden support with hexagonal shape:
     These original supports are perfect as a gift for baptism, wedding or business event. You just need to choose the air plant that you like the most, a date or a logo and they will be the perfect gift that everyone will remember for their design, personalization and eco message.

  3. Wooden ribbon 45º: A wooden ribbon cut at 45º in which we have inserted a support in which to place the air plant you choose for your guests. There are 6 different shades of wood so there are many combinable options.

  4. Wooden ribbon 10 cm: A ribbon of natural wood to which we print different tones to give it a lighter or darker finish. It looks amazing as a centerpiece during the event and then you can separate them and give them away as a gift.

Top 5 de regalos ecológicos y significativos para dar en tus fiestas

  1. Hanging ring made of wood and rope: An original and light gift to give the natural touch to the event. You can choose the air plant that you like the most and it will be placed inside the circular ring. To hold it, a simple rope. There can be no more natural gift!

  2. Lamp PHI: the air plants live naturally in their ecosystem, supported by other elements. Sometimes at high altitude, so suspension brackets are comfortable for them. In addition to offering us a unique opportunity to decorate. The lamp PHI is made of sustainable wood and corn filament so it is a 100% vegetable and ecological product.

    Regalos ecológicos

Of course, the materials we use to manufacture these products come from forests in which logging is done in a sustainable way so that neither the land that houses them nor the trees we use are put at risk. These are just some of the organic products that we have available on our website www.boreenshop.com.

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