The best lighting for the tillandsias

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In general, the 
tillandsias want a lot of light even a little direct sun, preferably the morning sun. Light is, as in many other plants, a determining factor when it comes to developing and growing, and as you know, BOREEN we have two passions: tillandsias and design. For this reason, almost daily, we come up with original and elegant ideas that combine these two concepts. In this article we want to talk about the lamp PHI,
 the best lighting for your tillandsias and thanks to which your plants will grow and look splendid.

La mejor iluminación para las tillandsias

 The best lit tillandsias : with the Lamp PHI

The Phi lamp is inspired by tradition, specifically the tradition of oriental lamps or red lanterns called "akachōchin (赤提灯)". These lanterns are undoubtedly one of the most representative decorative elements of Japan. They served to indicate to the citizens where there was an izakaya, a place where you could have a drink and eat. For this part of the planet we would call it a tapas bar, tavern or gastrobar, but although the name changes the concept is the same: it is a decorative element associated with rest and good atmosphere. Who wouldn't want it? Surely if you've traveled to Japan or are interested in Asian culture you've seen these representative lanterns.

La mejor iluminación para las tillandsias

Well, starting from this unique oval shape and with the premise of creating a product of warm light,
we have designed a lamp for tillandsias perfect to decorate and give a new air to any space.

Materials of the new lamp PHI for tillandsias 

In BOREEN we take care of and work under the concept of sustainability and care for the environment and therefore we pay close attention to the materials with which we manufacture our products. When we decided to create a product that would provide the best lighting for the tillandias, we thought about the needs of the plants and also about the materials with which we were going to create these designs. 
made mainly of two materials: wood and PLA corn filament.

La mejor iluminación para las tillandsias

Yes, as I say, corn is used to manufacture products thanks to the fact that it is rich in starch and after a transformation process a fine filament is obtained with which we can create new products with 3D printers. We like this material not only because of its strength but also because PLA plastic is obtains from renewable and 100% natural resources, which means fewer industrial procedures for its manufacture.

On the other hand, there is the sustainable wood that we use to manufacture many of our products. Wood is an element of great importance for the design of this original lamp since it frames the plant and gives it prominence. Wood is undoubtedly one of the most used materials to make furniture, perhaps the most used in history, so this lamp for tillandsias will not only provide light where there is not now, it is also a product that will fit perfectly in the decoration of any house thanks to its sustainable pine wood in cherry tone.

We love to make products in wood such as the hexagonal slats and supports on which our plants appear. Many of the images that you will have been able to see if you have visited our Instagram or our Facebook have plants as protagonists and wooden supports as perfect companytags. 

Our ecological awareness as a brand goes further, and in addition to manufacturing with sustainable woods, we contribute to the reforestation of the planet by donating a percentage for each sale of products made of wood to the organization One Tree Planted, a non-profit initiative that fights against deforestation.

Handmade manufacture of the lamp for tillandsias

All our products are manufactured one by one and through a manual process so they become unique, distinct and unique pieces. In the manufacturing process of the lamp PHI we use illusion, detailed work and a lot of perfection. So that you can see how our lamp manufacturing process is, we wanted to share this video with you.

How to get a lamp for tillandsias

Tillandsias are very resistant and original plants with which you can decorate the house. Now, thanks to the new Lamp PHI you can also illuminate them with a warm light that helps them grow and decorates the house in an original way. This lamp does not need a plug since it works with LED light powered by two AAA batteries so you can take it anywhere to illuminate and beauty any corner of the house.

It is important to note that the light generated by the LED does not replace natural light, it is an extra contribution but it is necessary to have some natural light during the day. Soon we will launch the XL PHI Lamp that will be powered to the current and if it will have a special LED bulb for the growth of the tillandsias and which will not need to have any natural light.  

We're glad to have you on our blog. We like to collaborate and help all lovers of the tillandsias. If you liked this content we would love you to leave it in the comments below. If you have any questions you can take advantage and consult us also in comments. We'd love to hear from you. 

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